Automotive/Industrial Assembly

The SteelTech management team has experience with the latest lean manufacturing tools including those skills associated with the Toyota Production System. Our assembly expertise utilizes these tools, and associated equipment, to ensure that high quality and effective processes are delivered.

  • Assembly (Current)
    • Racking and Container Assemblies
    • Dunnage
    • Industrial Steel Racking/Containers
    • Steel/Plastic Fabrication
  • Assembly (Proven Success)
    • Complex Assemblies
    • Electrical Assemblies
    • Engine/Transmission Components

Automotive/Industrial Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

The current manufacturing operations of SteelTech are only a fraction of the capabilities of our management team. Our combined years of manufacturing experience includes a wide array of areas, including: fabrication, retrofitting, remanufacturing, salvage, machining, laser cutting, stamping, and others. This experience allows our product and process offerings to be expanded without any "how to" requirements.

  • Manufacturing/Remanufacturing (Current)
    • Container Fabrication
      • Design (SolidWorks)
      • Prototyping
      • Production
    • Container Repair and Retrofitting
Steeltech Manufactured Frame Sub-Assembly

Logistics and Warehousing

Material flow, from raw materials to finished goods, is one of the key success factors at SteelTech. It is also one of the areas where our management team has valuable expertise. Whether it is scheduling inbound or outbound freight, managing LIFO or FIFO inventories,or implementing the data collection and pull systems to ensure inventory accuracy, our team has the experience to manage any situation.

  • Logistics and Warehousing (Proven Success):
    • Data Collection System
    • Inventory Control
    • Material Control
    • Production Control
    • Asset Tracking
    • Reporting
    • Document Management
    • Procurement
    • Warehousing
    • Transport